Locally Trusted Landscaping in Cranleigh | Hard Landscaping Trends

In our position as a soft and hard landscaping company, we have seen first-hand how tastes change. As with any design industry, some features retain a timeless quality while others alter and shift as the years go by. Here at Tim Jones Tree & Ground Care, we give our customers open range on their own projects as they represent highly personal investments. Naturally, we give advice on garden patios, garden fencing and garden decking when asked, but we try to leave the character of the installation in the hands of the homeowner.


In order to inspire future hard landscaping projects in Cranleigh, we have taken a brief look below at some of the trends currently popular in this area of home development.


Garden Fencing


A notable trend in garden fencing has seen a move away from more traditional timber and varnished colours. At one end of this spectrum, pale-wood panels have proven a popular look for a contemporary finish. This choice works particularly well with matching garden decking. Conversely, painting garden fencing in loud, bold tones of yellows, blues, reds and greens has also become a popular choice. Whether opting for one colour or use of multiple hues, this option requires some bravery, but makes garden fencing stand out from the crowd.


Another garden fencing trend combines features such as garden patios and garden decking. By installing an additional area of fencing within the garden itself, property owners create a more secluded dining area. Using airy fencing such as willow helps to retain a sense of space and light in Cranleigh gardens.


Garden Patios


A significant amount of trends related to garden patios relate to how people use them, as evidenced by the sheer wealth of patio furniture on the market today. One particular trend in this area of hard landscaping involves using bright colours to offset the natural tones of the patio stones. From painted chairs to fabrics to flowers, creating a new layer of bold tones helps to increase the brightness and life of a garden.


In a similar fashion, mixing materials across garden patios also creates an area rich in textures and character. Pebble pathways with solid concrete edges, smooth oak chairs beside wicker seats and water features consisting of ceramic tiles and copper finishes demonstrate some of the unexpected combinations that help to achieve this distinctive finish.


Garden Decking


The majority of the garden decking we install at properties in Cranleigh come in square or rectangular forms. These shapes help to reduce waste while offering the most straightforward construction process. However, it’s entirely possible to add curves to garden decking. Not only do curved designs make a stunning aesthetic addition, they also make sensible use of space in smaller gardens. As more people turn their attention to outside living, curved decking options have become increasingly popular.


Likewise, garden decking doesn’t need to be a block of one continuous colour. Homeowners can utilise different tones of the same colour to create a washed-out effect. In a similar vein, we can apply various stains across multiple panels for a dimensional touch. The panels themselves can also come in multiple patterns for a unique look, including herringbone and parquet styles.

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